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Business Model


In collaboration with a local YMCA, develop a prototype for this community based exercise and wellness program that can be replicated at other YMCAs.


Require that all the program providers are certified including trainers, skilled therapists and complementary therapy providers are trained in a specific educational curriculum for PD certification programs, both online in addition to in person training by a physical therapist, psychologists, nurse or MD who also completed on-line training.  Making it a priority of providing a safe and therapeutic program meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of a person with PD and their care partners. Providing a safe and therapeutic environment for exercise and wellness classes is a priority.


Incorporate the assistance of physical therapists to provide assistance with new participant assessments, 3 to 6 month assessments of progress in mobility, balance and mood and assisting trainers, skilled therapists and complementary therapists with education of mind/body implementation of exercise and wellness classes. Implement special workshops, retreats, lectures and featured guests.


Demonstrate a commitment to community involvement, by offering scholarships and maintaining an affordable cost for participation in the program. The Shaker’s Anonymous/support group for people with PD and their care partners will be offered at no charge once a month. Develop sponsoring programs for YMCA in underserved communities. Promoting services that can be experienced by all will be a key component of the mission of the program.


Reach out to movement disorder physicians, neurologists, psychologists, hospitals and outpatient physical therapy facilities to refer not only newly diagnosed but anyone with PD to our program. Our program will have the infrastructure to provide support for all with PD no matter if they are newly diagnosed but also for ongoing PD management.


Develop a plan to measure broad program outcomes.